Towards a ‘lean’ Production Model (Real Housewives version)

Last week I wrote about Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new venture, New TV, and what a show like Game of Thrones would look like in this new medium. Today I want to consider the ‘lean’ version of The Real Housewives.

  1. Year-round viewing experience. The average Bravolebrity‘s life unfolds year-round on social media. And ‘New TV’ needs to keep up. Audiences should receive 2 or 3 scenes each week, with scenes averaging between 2 – 5 minutes.
  2. Crib News production, not documentary or scripted. A Bravolebrity’s life unfolds in real-time on social media. The lag between filming and air needs to approach the speed of news. Or perhaps the ‘magazine’ format.
  3. Integrated product placement. From her shoes to her handbag, a first-class ‘New TV’ Real Housewives experience would be completely integrated with product placement.
  4. Vertical framing. A mobile first medium will have to embrace its native framing to set itself apartment from film and television. I think a fashion forward genre like a Real Housewives would lend itself to this very well.

I believe that a ‘mobile first’ Real Housewives series is a better bet for ‘New TV’. Firstly, because this would compliment the social media sphere a ‘Bravolebrity’-type already occupies. These segments could offer depth to Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat war like the one between Taylor Swift and her Squad last year. Secondly, this format lends itself well to brand integration and title sponsorships, both are essential to Katzenberg’s plan. Finally, we could produce a very high-end experience for far less than $125k/minute. But much higher than $5,000/minute content. Something in the $35,000 range would still be better than anything else mobile, while still provide great value.

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