Towards a ‘lean’ Production Model: Coda

For the last two weeks, I’ve written about Jeffery Katzenberg’s new mobile-first venture. And I laid a baseline for what shows like Game of Thrones or The Real Housewives should look like on it. I believe that a year-round viewing experience and embracing the vertical frame are the key components for mobile-first.

I believe this is important because budgets are shrinking, schedules are shortening, and audiences are arriving with a new set of expectations. But the production community isn’t discussing these changes in a meaningful way. It’s easy to make fun of the idea of a ‘lean’ Game of Thrones or an ‘agile’ Real Housewives. Many of Silicon Valley’s buzzwords “disrupt,” “iteration,” “pivot,” don’t translate into film & television production. Either you know Ned Stark is dead or you don’t. You can’t iterate your way into a shocking plot twist.

But consider this: the lean startup philosophy was adapted from Toyota’s revolutionary manufacturing pipeline. Software entrepreneurs looked outside their industry for inspiration and adapted their observations to product development. Learning from the experience of others is the height of wisdom.

I’ll leave you with this one final thought: the Sony Pictures Product Manager, Retention.

Crackle, Sony Pictures Television’s (SPT) digital network is seeking a talented Product Manager, Retention whose primary focus will be on user retention and driving the product marketing toolset roadmap. … The ideal candidate will ask questions like, what are our truths related to the return user experience?

Do you think Game of Thrones has to worry about the return user? When a story is that good, people will go out of their way to find out what happens next. They’ll make a comic about how badly they want to watch your show. Doesn’t something like “retention” sound like something that should be addressed in the writer’s room? It’s time for Hollywood to leave behind its crippling adversity to process and change.

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