The words for things…

In a violent age, I’m not a fan of the terminology ‘to shoot’ mean we talk about the recording of audio and video for storytelling purposes. So while many people will happily tell you that, “they shoot an F55,” or they, “shot the cast in red gowns at the gala ball with an FS7,” I much prefer the term taped. Or perhaps we should just use the more logical recorded. Upon consideration I hope you will do the same.

And while we’re talking about the names for things:</p>

  • If Editors can be credited as Writers where is the WGA? And why are they so resistant to unionizing Reality TV Producers?
  • What are we going to do about the word ‘TV’ when a lot of the content we watch is on our cell phone or computer screens?
  • Finally, maybe it’s time we revisit the whole concept of literacy and consider the idea that in the future editing skills will be just as important as reading & writing words.

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Seasoned Television Producer specializing in Post Production. Team builder. GTD enthusiast. Lifelong learner.

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