Netflix Studio Production Pro ??

As reported last week (Variety, ETCentric) Netflix has been developing production management software. They recently posted a video of the software team developing this software on Linkedin:

A few thoughts.

  1. Kudos to Netflix for acknowledging that they’re stepping into an area with a hundred years of history. I had wondered about this.
  2. Is the long term big picture to release this software to the public? Like Entertainment Partner’s Movie Magic Budgeting or Cast & Crew’s Final Draft? The implications are huge. It’s hard to imagine Production staff learning to use software that only functions on a Netflix shows (i.e. Movie Magic comes with you wherever you go). But it’s harder to imagine an Amazon, or HBO, etc… production using Netflix software for managing a production.
  3. I standby my belief that the two most valuable data silos are Payroll and the NLE sequences. How is Netflix going to tap into these two closed data sources?

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