TV Characters who’d make good Post Supervisors (BONUS)

Note: you can read part 1 here.

Coach Taylor – Friday Night Lights

Coach Taylor

Coach Taylor is the winningest coach in Texas high school history because his unorthodox training practices challenge his players to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. For example, after taking over the East Dillon Lions in Season 3, the coach has his offensive team train against a 13 man defense because, “if you can punch through a thirteen man defense, you can get through anything.” His ability to set challenging but achievable goals would make Coach Taylor an excellent Post Supervisor.

Post Supervisors manage the Assistant Editors, Coordinators, and the Post P.A.’s (collectively known as the support staff). A good Post Supervisor knows how to be a career coach for the show’s most junior members. They give their team the opportunity to try new things, but protect them from making career-ending mistakes. For example: to increase A.E. engagement I created an A.E. curriculum for my assistant editors to help them know which skills they need to learn in order to advance, and an Exporting Checklist to help prevent public mistakes.

Setting goals for your team that cause just the right amount of difficulty is a skill every Post Supervisor should develop. Setting challenging and specific goals allows your team to achieve more than they would have if you stuck with safer, and more boring targets. Google’s re:Work has links to excellent research on goal setting and team engagement that even Coach Taylor could get behind.

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