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Planning Specialist, Partner Outreach – Post Partnerships & Integration

Another interesting job post at Netflix: Planning Specialist, Partner Outreach – Post Partnerships & Integration.

The focus for the Partner Outreach team is to proactively engage the creative community by educating creatives on technical requirements and best practices,driving new industry standards…

…while continuing to foster industry-wide change.

Although I think they miss the mark a little by focusing on the technical like: “Knowledge of industry standards and the bodies that ratify them.” Culture starts with people, not technology. Netflix’s greatest challenge is going to be the entertainment industry’s preference for inertia. (That’s why Avid is still in business 🙂

If I were in this role one of the first things I’d do is create a program for Assistant Editors and Post Supervisors of Best Practices. Maybe partnering with a group like A.E Bootcamp. Perhaps create a faux certification program.

I’d do this for three reasons:

Firstly, Netflix needs to educate producers on the benefits of their technological initiatives like IMF. Assistant Editors and Post Supervisors are on the front lines and the very people who stand to benefit immediately from the Netflix’s innovation.

Secondly, I’d bet that most of Netflix’s delivery problems are directly related to problems stemming from issues that these two roles (A.E.’s and Supervisors) have direct control over. A little education would probably go a long way towards smoother day-to-day interaction with the producing partners.

Finally, the entertainment is highly unstandardized. Today’s Assistant Editor or Post Supervisor, who is working on a Netflix show, will probably go on to work on a different show for a different network tomorrow. By establishing a sort of best practices culture, Netflix has the opportunity to influence the industry in a more profound way. How interesting would it be for the post team to do it “the Netflix way” on a show for HBO?

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