A NewTV followup

It looks like Jeff Katzenberg has raised $800 million for his NewTV venture. You may recall my initial thoughts on the matter from last year’s post on a ‘lean’ production model.

The more I think about this new format, the more I believe that the most component is going to be a year-round viewing experience. In addition, I think these bite sized episodes will need to be released at random intervals. That is to say, not knowing when the next part of the story will be unveiled is the key element that will make NewTV must watch entertainment.

As an example: imagine being absorbed in Game of Thrones, as told in NewTV. The story would unfold as if it were happening in real life. You’d be on Facebook and you see your friends posting: “RIP Ned”. You’d fire up whatever NewTV service is hosting our Game of Thrones and find out what happens next.

I think this unpredictable release schedule is going to be critical for one important reason: if episodes are not released unpredictably what differentiates NewTV from regular appointment television?

Netflix is partnering with Buzzfeed to offer weekly 15 minute stories and I’m curious to see how they fare. My guess is not well. When people sit down on the couch at night to “tune in” I think they want long form content, or to string multiple short shows together, hence the popularity of the ‘binge’. What would NewTV be offering if you could just sit down and watch seven 10 minute scenes in a row?

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