I’ve often said on this blog that the lag between social media and traditional broadcasting has created a credibility problem in reality television (and explains streaming’s lack of interest in the docu-soap genre specifically). Spend anytime over at r/BravoRealHousewives/ and you’ll see diehard fans obsess over Instagram posts; then waiting months until the network’s production cycle airs the episode that provides context.

Millennials are unimpressed and have created intriguing alternatives, like SKAM and IRL Streaming (my highlights here). And since Blockchain is oh so hot these days, let’s toss that in too!

Concept: a docu-soap in which all of the raw media is shared via a publicly accessible video database (like a massive public Nexus meets Frame.io). The production company would curate and cut their own videos, similar to any Bravo docu-soap. But anyone would be able to edit their own videos from the raw media as long as it is shared through the show’s site, and all of the media comes from the official production as well.

The blockchain component would track all the media and all of the derivative edits (i.e. the footage from every cut would be accounted for). This would prevent unauthorized media from slipping in, and keep the project “real”. This would also enable analytics, measuring engagement, and footage “heat maps”.

@lowbudgetfun if you’re interesting in hearing more 🙂

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  1. A very interesting idea. This gives viewers more of what they enjoy in reality shows. I’d love to hear more.


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