TL;DR – For the immediate future, my online efforts are going to be focused on writing for Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp. In the meantime I look back at the last two years of blogging.

Three Important Posts

The post that really got me started wasn’t even published on this blog, but Reality and Streaming television written for my friend’s blog Far From Reality is one of my favorites. I think time demonstrates that it has been surprisingly accurate in its predictions.

Unscripted television continues to vex streaming services. In many respects the “how do you create a successful scripted television” has been solved; in the sense that the list of well known scripted shows on every streaming platform is legion: Handmaid’s, Transparent, Stranger Things, etc. But the most successful unscripted shows (debatablely the Queer Eye reboot and Nailed it!) haven’t really been the talk of the town either.

Hollywood vs Silicon Valley is hands down the most important post I’ve written. I think this post helps organize the discussion around what these new streaming giants mean to the entertainment industry. If anything, time has only proved that Netflix is playing 4th dimensional chess here because their job postings (Link, Link) show that they are putting in place the systems that will allow us to understand how their shows are made. Towards a ‘lean’ television production model Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3. Builds on this idea of applying Silicon Valley ideals to Hollywood productions.

Scheduling, Workflow, and Project Management

Most of these posts were excerpts from my work journals and is my attempt at codifying my process. My series on Scheduling (1,2,3,4); Workflow (1,2,3,4); and Project Management (1,2,3) were also born out of thinking about post production from a Product Manager POV.

Motion Picture Production is logistically as complex as waging a small war and yet software that’s up to the task of managing a motion picture doesn’t exists. At least 70% of this is Avid’s fault. The closed nature of Media Composer isolates the NLE data into a silo that can’t be leveraged.


My most read posts are the biographical ones (Mexico, Detroit, Food Star). Another category of blogs that came from my work journal. I wish I enjoyed writing them as much as you all enjoyed reading them. But if I ever have five or six months in a hut without internet I’d probably edit my journals and write a best seller based on the stats (hehehe).



My reviews are the one area where I consistently fall short of my goals. Writing a good review is damn hard. Especially if set a high bar.

Netflix & Avid

The tags (Netflix & Avid) alone show that I’m obsessed with these two companies. Netflix because of how forward looking they are. Avid because of how backwards looking. I have Trello cards for blog posts in development titled: “Netflix the cultural contradiction” & “The End of Avid: The case for a Microsoft Buyout”. It’s probably for the better that neither of these make it to drafted, edited, or published lists. Maybe one day I’ll share the draft notes.


I’ve shared a few resources that I’ve created over the years. (Post Dashboard, Exporting Checklist, A.E. Curriculum)  Sadly, I’ve never received any feedback about them. I like to consider these living documents; meaning, that the evolve over time as needs change. I would love to hear if anyone is using them, and if any modifications have been made.

Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp

AE Bootcamp presentation

I was invited to give a presentation on resume writing and job searching by Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp. The presentations sold out and I received outstanding feedback from both classes:

“Thank you for such a thorough review of my resume! Your recommendations are very helpful. You made me see my resume in a whole new light.”

“Hi Dustyn, thank you so much for reviewing my resume and my website. I don’t think I ever had a thorough analysis on me before so I really appreciate it!”

“Thank you so so much for your thorough and thoughtful review.I am definitely going to use your suggestions as I rewrite my resumes this week.”

The founders of Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp have asked me to manage their Social Media Strategy as they expand their community online and in real life. Their online presence is about so much more than assistant editing. Our future plans include profiles of industry peers, special deals on your other favorite software, Media Composer tips & tricks, and more. Since the focus of my writing energy is going to be with the Bootcamp I’d be delighted if you would click the following link and sign up to learn more.

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