Avid Interview with A.E. Ryan Axe

Avid has posted an excellent interview with Assistant Editor Ryan Axe. A few miscellaneous thoughts:

  • Axe’s advice about networking and resuming writing in part 5 is solid. If you’re looking for work I’d highly recommend that you pay particular attention to what he says about timing.
  • For all of my enthusiasm about artificial intelligence in the edit suite, Axe’s interview is a sobering reminder that we have a long way to go. Just read his detailed description of his organizational tasks:

If there’s dialogue for a scene we’d make a “line string”, where we take each individual line of dialogue from every take and cut them back to back in a sequence. This allows the editor and director to quickly review alternates for each line with uninterrupted playback, rather than scrolling through all the takes manually.

We’d add a marker for each line and write out the dialogue in the comments column, and have each setup on a different labelled track in the timeline. Then we can see at a glance what dialogue each setup covers. For example, while looking for a close up for a particular line you can jump straight to the marker for that line, scroll to the close-up, and play the readings back-to-back to find the best one. Think of it like ScriptSync but timeline-based.
  • The “algorithm” is there. You just read it. But the execution is just awfully complex.

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