Today an Astronaut came into the office to learn how to edit. I was assigned the task because I’m only a Junior Editor and the show doesn’t really value my work. Plus episode 203 has to go to color tomorrow and the Lead A.E. is busy with the Conform.

The strangest thing about this astronaut was that she came into the office wearing her space suit. Said something about editing during her next spacewalk. But all I could think about were jokes about NASA’s useless programs, like the space pen.

Anyway, the Astronaut picked up the basics very quickly. “We’re professional learners,” she told me after I complimented her ability to distinguish between the source and record monitors. Using the mouse however, proved to be much more difficult. Her thick space gloves made it impossible to accurately move the mouse around the screen. And because the gloves were so heavy, she would accidentally click random parts of the screen and throw us off.

I asked her how she was going to use a mouse during her spacewalk, but was told not to worry about it. “NASA’s best minds are working on the problem.” At lunchtime I asked the Astronaut if she wanted to grab lunch, but she said that she had to get going. So I ordered a sandwich from my favorite place on seamless and ate at my desk instead.

1 thought on “THE ASTRONAUT

  1. Laurann Bartlett 2018-11-23 — 13:00

    The Astronaut is very much like anyone who works in post production – you have to be a professional learner


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