I want to say thank you to all the speakers who came out to present at my event for the Producers Guild of America. Our venue was generously hosted by FotoKem Burbank. Although I’m not allowed to share any of Saturday’s material, I will share with you the event description and timeline. If this looks like the kind of event you’d like to attend, head over to my other venture PostSchedule.io and signup for my mailing list. I hope to host two new events in the late-Spring/early-Summer. I’d love to see you there.

Beginning with the End in Mind: An Overview of New Media Deliverables

When planning a show, it is wise to begin with the deliverables in mind. Knowing what you are expected to deliver can save innumerable time and money. And nowhere is it more important, than with new media companies.

What’s an IMF? What is vertical video? Can I create and deliver my final masters in the cloud? How can my post house help me navigate this technical landscape? And what effects does all of this have on your budget and schedule?

New Media Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Snap often require deliverables unfamiliar to the heritage film and television producer. Join the Producers Guild for a day long exploration of New Media deliverables and the innovative solutions being developed to help simplify your workflow. This presentation will feature four presentations by companies at the cutting edge of post production:

  1. The Future of Deliverables: Spokesperson from Netflix will give an overview of the IMF format and how it differs from traditional film and broadcast deliverables.
  2. Delivering to Multiple Screen Sizes: Spokesperson from Facebook/Instagram will give an overview of the opportunities and challenges delivering video in the various frame sizes across Facebook’s properties.
  3. The Future of Deliverables: A representative from Ownzones will demonstrate their cloud base IMF mastering and delivery tools, and discuss the future of media delivery in the cloud.
  4. Contemporary Post House Workflows: A representative from FotoKem will discuss contemporary workflows and why your post house is your number one collaborator.

Event Timetable:

9:30 – Sign in and Breakfast

10:00 – Netflix Presentation

10:30 – Facebook Presentation

11:00 – Ownzones Presentation

11:30 – FotoKem Presentation

12:00 – General Q&A

12:30 – Event Wrap up

Event date and location:

9:30 am – January 26, 2019.

Fotokem Burbank

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