What do the Avengers talk about. An interesting use case for Data science and creative writing

What do the Avengers talk about. An interesting use case for Data science and creative writing. As analytic tools become more prevalent, it is important that our understanding of their uses grows with it.

Planning Specialist, Partner Outreach – Post Partnerships & Integration

Another interesting job post at Netflix: Planning Specialist, Partner Outreach – Post Partnerships & Integration. The focus for the Partner Outreach team is to proactively engage the creative community by educating creatives on technical requirements and best practices,driving new industry standards… …while continuing to foster industry-wide change. Although I think they miss the mark a little […]

Computational Video Editing for Dialogue-Driven Scenes

I finally got around to reading the Computational Video Editing for Dialogue-Driven Scenes paper from Stanford. For those who don’t remember this technology from last July I’ve linked to the video below, followed by my thoughts. Interesting stuff. https://youtu.be/tF43Zqoue20 It’s interesting to see interfaces that expand the NLE beyond the “Source/Record” model. The idea of interacting […]

Two Businesses: the case for data

I’m a huge fan of Rob Long’s podcast Martini Shot. But I couldn’t disagree more with his most recent one: Two Businesses. On it Long argues, humorously and rather unconvincingly, that Amazon should sell its studio to CBS because running a successful online retailer and grocery store (Whole Foods), is nothing like running a television […]

Data Science Manager – Studio Production

Interesting job posted at Netflix recently: Data Science Manager – Studio Production. I know that I’ve slammed Netflix multiple times for things like compromising their core feature (the binge watch) for Baz Luhrmann. And this job seems like a fascinating step in the right direction: Netflix has released over 600 Originals and plans to spend […]