Post is the New Production.

Budgets are being cut, deadlines are moving forward, and production companies are expected to cut expenses or work with lower profit margins. In today’s market, yesterday’s way of doing things doesn’t work.

Post is the New Production is about aligning your show with the new market realities of production and post production. It’s about cutting expenses by maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

These are the core values I’ve used to guide my decision making process as a Post Supervisor for the last nine years. I present them to you as a set of guidelines for the future of production and post:

  1. Post Production is the new Production. Before you roll camera did you talk with your Post Super?
  2. Invest in people. Because doing it a second time costs too much.
  3. Software will not save you. Every program does something well, none does everything well.
  4. Welcome to Perpetual Beta. Things change every day, and just because something worked on yesterday’s project doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow.
  5. The optimum technical pipeline will not hold. We will now edit, and mix, and color correct in any order, until deadline.
  6. Technology should not just serve, but actually inform the creative process. If you treat post production as just another expense, then the people who spend the most time with your project will treat it as just another job.  The people pushing buttons have valuable contributions to make, treat them as such.
  7. You still need a waveform monitor. If you’re going to broadcast, some technology is irreplaceable.

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