A Streetcar Named Desire (micro-review)

"How strange that I should be called a destitute women! When I have all these treasures locked in my heart," says Blanche DuBois. To me this is the most powerful line in Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire. I think many people believe that Blanche is delusional. But she isn’t. Blanche knows that she’s grasping [...]

Manhattan real estate and the average edit suite

As a New York based postproduction supervisor I spend a lot of time looking at budgets, quotes, and invoices. So recently I started to wonder how the cost of real estate in Manhattan compares to Los Angeles. And longterm, does the rising cost of real estate, combined with the inflexible space requirements of postproduction, threaten [...]


The old world of making a film: I can't do anything until I raise five million dollars. The new world: How can I start right now? With $50, $500, or $5,000. That was the most important lesson from Saturday's very excellent Distribution U workshop held by Scott Kirsner and Peter Broderick at NYU Cantor Film [...]