The Freelancer Twitch

Can I kill my phone for five days in August? The fact is that working in tv is 24/7. I mean, I had a music pass for a show episode dropped on me around 1030 on Saturday night. That’s just how it is. At least DC keep regular business hours. And I was going to try and bug out of town towards the end of this week, but I just had a recording session scheduled to wrap out two of my actors on Friday. I’ve been on call for… a few years now? And I still have the Freelancer Twitch, of needing to be hyper-present and hyper-alert and hyper-aware at all times. If you started out poor and precarious, and did not in fact zoom straight into the golden stratosphere but stayed precarious for a long time and had major work/money crises deep into the duration of your career… it doesn’t go away. You can’t train it out. It’s a hardwired reflex.

From Warren Ellis’s weekly newsletter