TV Characters who’d make good Post Supervisors

Post Supervisors are Producers who specialize in the post production process, and are a vital to the smooth day-to-day operation of any episodic show. Although the role isn’t a creative one, the depth and breadth of a successful Post Supervisor’s responsibilities, and their ability to establish the operating style influences a show in a multitude of ways. To get an understanding of how versatile a Post Supervisor’s job is, and how they set the pace, it is fun to imagine our favorite television characters in this important role.

Two Businesses: the case for data

I’m a huge fan of Rob Long’s podcast Martini Shot. But I couldn’t disagree more with his most recent one: Two Businesses. On it Long argues, humorously and rather unconvincingly, that Amazon should sell its studio to CBS because running a successful online retailer and grocery store (Whole Foods), is nothing like running a television […]