DaVinci Resolve (an awkward review part 1) DRAFT

There is SO much good free information (here is just 1 example) about Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 15, that it is difficult to think of ways to contribute to the conversation. However, here is my attempt to cover some of the philosophical questions introduced by such a comprehensive software program. My point of view is as a producer and a teacher, and less as a day-to-day user; so let’s see where this goes!

Interlude – Breaking Bad (reconsidered)

Breaking Bad is a show about ambition, hubris, and futility. But Vince Gilligan also created a show that is a brilliant metaphor for the showrunner’s struggle. Walter White’s battle to the top of the drug kingpin game closely resembles the struggle of every television showrunner when trying to bring their vision to an audience. At […]